Corporate History

Eclatorq History

The founding of the company will help to upgrade the manufacturing skill of Taiwan’s hand tool industry. The company’s core technologies of digital chips are derived from those developed by Mechanical Industry Research Laboratories under the government-funded Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI). The quality of its products meets strict world standards.

Growth in Year 2006

Eclatorq Technology is one of manufacturers specialized in digital torque wrenches, digital torque devices, and other kinds of electronic torque hand tools in Taiwan. With the help of the Taiwan Hand Tool Manufacturers Association, eleven Taiwan hand tool manufacturers set up Eclatorq Technology Co., Ltd. in mid-2006 to engage in the manufacture and marketing of digital hand tools.

2010 and Beyond

The digital torque wrenches developed by Eclatorq Technology can precisely display the torque magnitude. The product also has the functions of memorizing and transmission data. The specialized functions can help users precisely control the torque value and engage in automated inspections, suitable for production inspection and quality analysis for products of mass production.